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Madina World Franchise Exhibition

After two years for the three dimensions in the sector organizing franchise exhibitions in Saudi Arabia and abroad, we find ourselves sailing across our country until we reach Medina, which we entered with enthusiasm for this distinctive initiative, which aims to build an edifice in the private sector and a desire to provide what prevails through the manufacture of an important event Supports male and female entrepreneurs, is interested in local production, works to develop it and transforms it into a brand that has proven its ability and successes to launch it outside the borders of local and international regions.
In Madinah, we would like to thank His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Salman Al Saud, Governor of Madinah Region, for his generous sponsorship of this exhibition. We also thank the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for giving us the opportunity to organize and manufacture this for the first time in the region and for giving us this great confidence.
As we consider this exhibition as a starting point that entrepreneurs will start in new and different directions in the promising city with all the opportunities, and the government agencies, which are a strategic partner in the exhibition, support everyone with their presence and provide their services to spread awareness and adequate culture in a very important commercial sector, and thus achieve the vision of the Kingdom. 2030 in support of the private sector.
We are fully keen on this continuous presence, which is represented by the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises and the Social Development Bank, which represents the financing component of the exhibition and provides financing easily without any interest. We extend our special thanks to him as he allocates a special opportunity during the exhibition period by holding interviews for financing projects and brands The immediate acceptance of funding, and the Institute of Entrepreneurship participates in this blessed effort, which provides training courses and an amount of at least 300,000 riyals in support for emerging projects, while the Development Bank provides support of up to four million riyals for brands, in addition to the bank’s signature with several brands during the exhibition in order to facilitate procedures for pioneers Business, which is what distinguishes the franchise trade fair always with the value of government participations and their continuous cooperation to make it a success.
The Ministry of Commerce also participates with us to provide all information related to trademark registration and property rights and provides interactive services during the exhibition for visitors in order to reap the highest level of benefit.
The exhibition is also more interested in the forum and the workshops held on its sidelines, as the forum and workshops are distinguished by the presence of a distinguished elite of speakers, specialists, consultants and legal professionals in the franchise sector, as the educational and awareness aspect is the first stage pursued by the franchise exhibition initiative, which has a very large impact on various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .
We are now in the third edition, taking steps in our journey, which we started, and we aim for this exhibition to reach the world one day, with the participation of the most important brands, and to be an important platform to achieve the common goals of entrepreneurs and brand owners.
In conclusion, I would like to thank and welcome all the guests of the exhibition from everywhere, and I wish you enjoyment and benefit.

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